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Despite the fact the children's entertainer is legendary for being the life of the party, in contrast to some cabaret stand-up comedians, the children's entertainer does not make fun of the audience, so has shows suitable for all ages from tiny tots to teenagers.

The children's entertainer, the multi-talented professional performer who's performance skills are so diverse they are listed here alphabetically making child's play out of the one stop shopping selection for your own combination of kid's entertainment producing a perfect party package, covers the UK with 30 years experience from entertaining children as far north as a roadshow disco in Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire, as far south as Punch and Judy in Brighton Sussex and thousands of venues in between for reasonable prices.

However, the children's entertainer is able to provide a great deal in addition to the children's birthday packed with party dances and musical games of the funky fun disco. Any time kids need entertaining, the children's entertainer has the perfect package that's bang on for your big bash - from anniversary to balloon workshop, from christening to dinner dance, from educational show to festival, from graduation ball to hullabaloo, from inauguration to juggling workshop, from karaoke to launch, from meeting to night out, from one on one to powwow, from quiz night to rendezvous, from shindig to turnout, from union to variety, from weddings and Xmas to anything beginning with Z.

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What our customers say

"You have prompted me to tell you what a wonderful party Sophie and Samantha had last Friday. I have been meaning to write to you and your email has made mw do so! You were very well organised and the party ran so smoothly for the whole 2 hours. The children were mesmerised with your magic tricks and as I am sure you were aware were very happy to join in and guess what you were doing!! The party games and fun dancing were great! We couldn't have expected more from you. The children had a wonderful time and were thoroughly entertained from the minute they arrived to the minute they left. Many thanks for a fabulous party and I hope to see you again for our daughter's party next year! Kind regards"

Claire Belcher
Childrens party and birthday entertainer

David Reid-Frow
Burwell House
North Yorkshire

Phone:- 01723 891441
Mobile:- 07801 969464

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